Original Artworks

“I find pictures of photoshopped supermodels from magazines, cut up the most ‘ideal' standards of beauty, and paste them together in a colorful and chaotic way I can relate to. I am able to create my own version of beauty by representing different archetypes we all have the potential to embody. Broken down and put back together again, the figures portrayed are fractured with scars. Without them, it would be another sterile image telling a sterile story. Scars are something I've acquired in my child and adult life, the latter being one of the reasons that motivated me to leave the modeling industry behind to pursue art. I couldn't face the potential shame of those scars, literal and metaphorical, coming to light or being acknowledged by a stranger. I've always loved the art of fashion, the photography, being involved- and when I broke, I had to break my attachment to that world. This entire series has been a reconciliation of societal beauty standards, and of my own fragility. All of the women created  in this series represent something- a part of the journey, someone I looked to for inspiration, someone I wanted to be, a hurdle, a success; and not to mention a plethora of emotions.

This isn't exactly what I planned to do, but it's what happened. It only took making 50+ collages and a couple of years to start figuring it out. This series has helped me realize that if you can decide for yourself to seek out the beauty of everyday, whether it’s in a flower, a wonderful friend, or something as abstract as a crack in the sidewalk- it can make a remarkable difference in your life. Each and every one of these artworks is a memento of the idea that has healed me.”

-Kerry Krogstad