Kerry Krogstad is known for her bold, fragmented, mixed-media portraits of strong feminine archetypes.  She uses different types of paints and cut up magazines to create dreamlike and surreal works.  Kerry grew up in Southern California and studied  at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.  She graduated at the height of the economic crash in 2008 and subsequently went to China for modeling work.  Working as a model overseas, she experienced a bizarre industry where models were treated like livestock, lied to and overworked.  The one solace she had was her pen and sketchbook.  When other girls were paid to go to clubs, or to unwind after 12-hour casting days, she would stay home and draw.   Since then she has lived in Hawaii and Japan, documenting these journeys through art. Kerry returned to Los Angeles officially in 2014, and enrolled in classes at the Brentwood Art Center to study figure drawing, painting, and various mediums to refine her skill.  She premiered her art at New York Fashion Week in Spring 2017 where she also walked the runway in a dress made of condoms to benefit the AIDS Foundation.  She currently lives and works in Los Angeles and continues to exhibit her work locally and nationally.